Semester at Music School Demo

A new and inspiring spring semester at Music School Demo is well on its way! My name is Niina, I am a teacher at Demo and in my blog post I will take you through what a semester in our music school looks like from beginning to end.

Starting a new music hobby is easy!

Firstly, we are very proud to welcome all of our new students! We offer singing lessons and instrument lessons such as guitar, drums, piano, ukulele, violin, accordion and many more. All of our teachers also speak English so lessons can be arranged in English as well as Finnish. Our customer service is more than happy to help, also in English. There are no entrance exams and everyone over the age of seven is welcome!

Once we have found a suitable lesson time and location, it’s time to start your music journey at Demo. Lessons consist of learning new songs of course, but also improvisation, learning musicianship skills, playing technique and maybe even songwriting. If there is a song you’ve always wanted to learn or a skill that you really want to focus on, our teachers will gladly help you reach your goals. 

Is your child taking lessons with us and you’re wondering how the lessons are going – come and stop by! We open our classroom doors once every semester so you can come and watch the lessons in action and ask any questions. Of course you can contact our teachers and customer service any other time as well via phone or email, or stop by before or after the lesson.

Playing together & making friends in our music school

Being able to play in a group is an important skill for any musician, which is why one of the lessons in every semester is a group lesson, even if you have enrolled in private classes. That way our students can meet other students and play together for that one lesson. I’m very grateful to have witnessed new friendships starting this way and sometimes these students want to continue playing together in the next semester, forming a new group together. How cool is that?

At the end of each semester we arrange student concerts where everyone gets to perform a song they have learnt during the semester. This is definitely the grand finale of the semester and it’s always such a thrill to see all the amazing talent and hard work that our students put into preparing for these big events. We always pick a theme for the concerts and this spring it is going to be ”Demo-elämää”, which is our version of the hit TV show called ”Vain Elämää”. In the TV show well known artists perform their own arrangements of each others songs. I can’t wait to hear how our students put their creativity in action in their own arrangements of different songs. At the end of each concert, all the students and teachers get on stage to perform the last song together. Music School Demo is a wonderful, positive and supportive community and it really shows in our events.

The spring semester consists of sixteen lessons and the concert. If you want to keep playing or singing for longer than that – don’t worry! There are often extra courses available after the semester has finished, so you can keep going for another few weeks.

Summer camps for school kids

Another great way to start your summer holidays are Demo summer camps. Registration for these are now open so make sure you check out our website for that! They are five day long daytime camps for children at the age of 8–13. The camps are filled with fun activities, games and playing music. What better way to start your holidays than having fun and making new friends!

See you at classes!